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Fellows of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation

All OBA Members are invited to become a Fellow of the Oklahoma Bar Foundation.

Become an OBF Fellow Today!

TO BECOME AN OBF FELLOW, simply pledge a tax-deductible contribution of $100 per year over the next 10 years. You will be joining an exemplary league of lawyers, judges and other supporters who believe in the OBF’s charitable mission: to promote justice, fund critical legal services for children and the poor, and advance public awareness of the law. The Fellows Program is essential to the OBF’s ability to fund essential legal services and meet evolving needs. By becoming a Fellow, you will be investing in the future of Oklahoma and advancing the good work of the legal profession. The return on your investment is unlimited and the benefits are priceless. Join the Fellows listed here to become a part of this effort.

It’s easy. Just fill out the Fellows Application. It’s fast and secure.

The pledge is for a total of $1,000, payable $100 per year within a 10-year period. That’s only $8.34 per month. You may choose to pay the full amount at any time or in greater increments over a shorter period of time.


First-Year Lawyers: A lawyer who pledges to become an OBF Fellow on or before January 2nd of the year immediately following admission to the bar may pay only $25 per year for 2 years, then only $50 for 3 years, and then $100 each year thereafter until the $1,000 pledge is fulfilled.

Within Three Years: A lawyer admitted 3 years or less at the time of the pledge may pay $50 per year for 4 years and then $100 each year thereafter until the $1,000 pledge is fulfilled.


After fulfilling your pledge, you can become a Sustaining Fellow by continuing to make annual contributions of $100 or more. Sustaining Fellows are essential to the charitable and educational mission of the Foundation.


Step forward to become a leader among leaders. After fulfilling your initial pledge, you can become a member of this distinguished leadership group by committing to annual contributions to the Foundation of at least $300. You can use the on-line form to make your commitment as a Benefactor Fellow.