Giving away money thoughtfully is not an easy task. Your Oklahoma Bar Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of a group of attorneys from all across the state that bring an incredible amount of talent, experience and knowledge to the table. From within that group, the Grants and Awards Committee is charged with the grant offering, review of grant requests, and being good stewards of the money at every step of the award process.

After many hours of reviewing written grant applications, the Committee spends an entire day conducting applicant interviews to help with the final grant determinations. This year nineteen different programs have been recommended to receive OBF grant awards totaling $478,646, with an additional $39,000 being awarded for law-student scholarships. A newly introduced court grant program has provided another $96,520 to eleven different District Courts that will make much needed courthouse improvements available that will ultimately enhance access to justice.

The grant process doesn’t end here. A grant agreement is entered into with the programs and written quarterly progress reports are submitted for review. During 2010 Grantee Site Visits were added, allowing for more personal contact. Site Visits have energized both OBF Trustees and our grantees.

The OBF Charitable Grant Fund

Every year the Oklahoma Bar Foundation provides grants to carry out its mission:  to promote justice, fund critical legal services and advance public awareness of the law.  Through annual grants to charitable and non-profit organizations working within the Foundation’s mission, the Foundation helps provide access to justice to thousands of Oklahoma’s children, low income families and vulnerable adults and also helps to educate and inform all Oklahomans about the law.  Through charitable grants, the Foundation provides:

  • legal assistance for the poor and elderly
  • safe haven for the abused
  • protection and legal assistance for children
  • public law-related education programs
  • law student scholarships
  • access to justice.

The deadline for grant applications for the 2012 Regular Grant Cycle was March 20, 2012.

Grant applicants must be tax-exempt organizations and must agree to provide quarterly reports and comply with other requirements set forth in OBF’s grant contract.

The deadline for the next calendar year grant applications will be announced in January of that same year, and a new current year grant application packet will be available shortly thereafter. Grants are awarded once per calendar year.

Out-of-Cycle Grants

The Foundation may make “emergency” out-of-cycle grant awards on a periodic basis throughout the year, not to exceed $2,000 per grant recipient. The total aggregate out-of-cycle grants in any year will normally not exceed $15,000. Out-of-cycle grants are made for highly meritorious emergency needs requiring funding before the next regular grant cycle.

2012 OBF Out-of-Cycle Grant Application Form

The OBF Court Grant Fund

The Foundation holds in trust a Court Grant Fund managed through a separate grant cycle.  Oklahoma district courts and appellate courts may apply annually for grant funds to assist with courtroom technology and other similar needs relating to the administration of justice. To access our court grant information, please contact us at (405) 416-7070.